Frame of Mind: Irieshun 12"

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The UK’s Frame of mind are a band pushing sonic limitations atypically associated with hardcore, with the release of their debut album 'Irieshun' on Quality Control HQ Records. As with their Demo in 2016, and 'Weight of Two' EP the following year on The Essence Records, you are getting raw punk aggression, but also a rare soulful spirit, with lyrics encouraging an inward thinking outlook.

The word ‘irieshun’ is Patois for ‘appreciation’, expressing praise towards something or someone, a rare feeling in an increasingly chaotic world. This release however invites you to do just that with souring melodies and complex song-writing lifting you up. Oli McVean’s lyrics harken back to a time when hardcore breathed a new and refreshing positive anger into youth culture, and the possibilities for the movement seemed endless.

The foundations of this record give a shout out to late 80s NYHC bands that defied the mould of their time... Underdog, Absolution and Crumbsuckers. However, combining this with inspiration from prog rock, hip hop & reggae - Frame of Mind create something which is truly new.

Pressing Information:
350 x red vinyl
Comes in a poly lined black inner sleeve, matte card outer sleeve, 12" double sided card insert, resealable plastic bag, and download code

Engineered by Misha Herring at Holy Mountain Studios
Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audio Siege
Paintings by Vladimir Petr and Oliver Conway