Mastermind: Bad Reaction 7"

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London has been fanning the flames of hardcore punk relentlessly, producing some of the best music of the genre for a while now. Enter Mastermind, four young guns kicking it up a notch or five. Starting in 2018, and after a well received demo on Cold Comfort, here comes their scorching new release, ‘Bad Reaction’ EP, on Quality Control HQ Records. Prepare to have your mind mastered in the art of the wildest hardcore songwriting, where a 3 minute song can keep you engaged throughout and doesn’t seem out of the norm. Karim Newble, also the resident artist of the band, takes you through the waviest of riffs that remind you of the crazy end of late 80s NYHC, from such legends as Rest in Pieces and Killing Time. Meanwhile vocalist Jon Osborne might be the long lost son of Jeff Perlin growling along to the rhythm section, seemingly out of control with one beat hook after another, pulling everything together.

Jon Osborne - Vocals
Thad Anderson King - Bass
Karim Newble - Guitar
Sean Cooper - Drums
Recorded at Fuzzbrain Studios
Mixed and mastered by Will Killingsworth
Artwork by Karim Newble

Pressing Information:
300 on black vinyl
Comes with paper inner sleeve, reverse board outer card sleeve, double-sided risographed insert, download code, and outer poly sleeve