Mere Mortal: Tartarus 12"

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MERE MORTAL have arrived! With members hailing from various parts of England, their debut MLP Tartarus, harkens back to the raw sound and atmosphere of the often under-rated UK Thrash Metal scene, with many listeners noticing a distinct similarity in vocalist Liam Fox's approach to that of Benediction-era Barney Greenway, as well as Bolt Thrower's beloved Karl Willetts. Permeated with the darkness, intensity and authority of those forbearers, Fox conjures images of apocalyptic death and despair, leading the charge of MERE MORTAL's thrash assault. Behind him bassist Tom Pimlott, drummer Adam Rogers, and guitarists Maegan Brooks and Joe Sam Williams charge ahead with a sound that remains equally close to the UK - evoking memories of bands like Virus, Sabbat, Hellbastard, and Sacrilege. Like so many of their progenitors, the members of MERE MORTAL began their musical journeys in the punk scene, and that level of urgency and directness is able to inform their approach to Tartarus, with songs kept brief, direct, and precise. MERE MORTAL's Tartarus is a fine tuned and deadly sharp assault on the once again thriving thrash metal scene.

Pressing Information:
10 x test pressing with OBI, postcard, regular outer & inner sleeve, and DL code
100 x ice blue vinyl with added blue OBI
300 x ice blue vinyl
300 x black vinyl
Comes in a printed inner sleeve with poly layer, matte card outer sleeve, resealable plastic bag, and download code

Vocals - Liam Fox
Guitar - Maegan Brooks
Guitar - Joe Sam Williams
Bass - Tom Pimlott
Drums - Adam Rogers
Artwork by Nicky Rat
Recorded by Tom Pimlott @ Four By Four Studios +
Adam Rogers @ Burley Park Pit Lab
Mixed by Tom Pimlott @ Four By Four Studios
Mastered by Will Killingsworth @ Dead Air Studios