Detergents: No Salvation 7"

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Strongly influenced by Crisis and Buzzcocks, this trio from Sheffield create memorable punk hooks with immediately relatable lyrics. This is a split with Semtex Death Records.

Pressing Information:
400 - black
320gsm matte sleeve and either a yellow or white A4 photocopy insert

QCHQ-014 Mankind s/t 7" 2014
Faith side of the classic Faith/Void split 12” from D.C. hardcore history, crossed with UK82 elements and stomp. Multi-layered and off the beaten track, Mankind definitely carved out their own sound in the UK scene with this release. Members went on to do Asid, Payday, XRepentanceX, and Arms Race. Vocals by the artiste known as Tin Tin Savage.

Vocals - Tin Tin
Guitar - Joel
Drums - Oli McVean
Bass - Marco

Pressing Information
100 on yellow vinyl
400 on black vinyl
Comes in 320gsm card sleeve and double sided insert. Artwork by Paco Mus.