Existence: Go to Heaven 12"

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The story of Existence dates back to 2016 when a group of young Stockholm hardcore heads wanted to get into some good old Cro-Mags worship. After some changes in personnel, the current line-up of deranged idiots has been paving the way for a violent future since early 2017. They currently share members with several other bands, including Blood Sermon and Speedway and are all active in the local DIY community in different ways, for example running Alive and Well Fest. With an EP under their belt in 2018, several tours across Europe and beyond, as well as appearances on such stages as Outbreak, the sound began to evolve leading up to the masterpiece that is the debut LP, ‘Go to Heaven’.

Clocking in at nearly 40 minutes we don't think anyone can truly be prepared for this insanely epic body of work. From Slayer, to Merauder, to H8000, to Arkangel to Integrity, this is a masterclass in metallic hardcore songwriting by the strong beating heart of Stockholm HC. Songs that take you on a journey from a classic metallic breakdown riff to acoustic guitar sections to sword samples needed a hand that was not afraid of the complexity, leading to Jonah Falco of Fucked Up on mixing duties giving this the depth that it deserved. 

At times introspective, and at other times classic brute force, the themes of the lyrics are well summed up with the painted artwork by Nora Löwenberg of a face behind shattered glass, exploring the multifaceted nature of humanity and the ever changing place of the self in today’s global world. So if this all sounds like your kind of hardcore, then listening to this LP will truly be… heaven. 

Linus - vocals
LK - guitar
Simon - guitar
Leonardo - bass
Anton - drums

All songs written and performed by Existence.
Recorded by LK and Anton at SBU HQ.
Mixed by Jonah Falco at Fuzzbrain Studios and Inland Waterways.
Mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios.

Artwork by Nora Löwenberg.
Photography by Celine Barwich.
Layout by Jacob Bondesson and Linus.
Center label design by Ola Herbich.

Additional vocals on “So Close to Grace” by Jens Kokko of Blood Sermon.
Additional vocals on “Realm of Hate” by Gabriel Siveri of Bulls Shitt.