Dynamite: Blow the Bloody Doors Off 7"

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New London Hardcore band Dynamite have been ripping up stages since last year and after a demo this is their debut on vinyl. The title references the classic Brit film The Italian Job, and the name speaks for itself. Breathing a fresh take on Youth of Today meets mid 2000s Boston hardcore, a difficult genre to pull off these days, their live shows speak for themselves and the energy is off the chain! Expect a number of familiar UKHC faces to make guest appearances too, as well as two UK based labels working together. This is UKHC family.

Dynamite are Alex, Nick, Cheung, Logan and Crab
Mixed and mastered by Louis Hardy. 
Guitar, drums, bass recorded by Atko at the Stationhouse. 
Vocals recorded in Cheung’s bedroom. 
Additional vocals on Blow The Bloody Doors Off by Big Sam. 
Additional vocals on War Inside by Graham Sayle and Dan Mills. 
Additional vocals on Dynamite Stomp by Pimmy. 
Additional vocals on Glory by Jonnie Hellbound. 
Additional Guitar on War Inside by Meg Mills. 
Artwork by Dewey and Crab. Dynaman by Nicky Rat
Design by Ola and Ben
Photos by Meline Gharibyan, Joe Hart, Joe ‘Essex Hardcore Zine’ Leitch, Will Vila, Zoe Smith.

Pressing Information
250 Red risograph sleeve (QCHQ Exclusive)
250 Blue risograph sleeve (NU Exclusive)
All black vinyl , comes with double sided folded riso printed sleeve and poster insert